Artisan gelato made the traditional way from scratch. Made fresh in-store daily

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DIAA NSW Dairy Product Competition 2019

Gold Saffron and Honey Gelato

Gold Coconut Gelato

Gold Peanutella Gelato

Silver Vanilla Gelato

Silver Cream and Cookies Gelato

Silver Pistachio Gelato

DIAA Australian Dairy Product Competition 2019

Gold Salted Caramel Gelato

Silver Chocolate Gelato

Silver Nocciolata Gelato

Silver Macadamia and Salted Caramel

Silver Coconut with Cashew Praline

Silver Hazelnut Praline

Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Competition 2019

Gold Vanilla Gelato

Gold Saffron and Honey Gelato

Gold Mango Sorbet

Gold Avocado Sorbet

Silver Pistachio Gelato

Silver Peanutella Gelato

Bronze Dark Chocolate Gelato

Bronze Milk Chocolate Gelato

Bronze Hazelnut Gelato

Bronze Macadamia Gelato

Bronze Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato

Bronze Coconut Gelato

Bronze Salted Caramel Gelato

Bronze Espresso Gelato

Bronze Nocciolata Gelato

Bronze Cream and Cookies Gelato

Bronze Lemon Sorbet

Bronze Raspberry Sorbet