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New Frozen Drinks - bannos

New Frozen Drinks

Bannos New Frozen Drinks Menu

Introducing our new drinks menu with summer just around the corner. Amazing frozen drinks with a unique recipe that you'll only find at bannos. Using our gelato know how into making frozen drinks is like adding magic to a smoothie. You can't beat it!

Improving on our popular Gelato Shake is the Gelato Shake 2.0 with over twenty flavours to choose from, they're full of flavour and more like a frozen thick shake. We use our award-winning gelato and sorbets that are made from real ingredients and real fruit. No added flavour syrups for us! Try one of our fruit gelato shakes made from Mango, Strawberry, Passionfruit or Raspberry sorbet with over 50% real fruit.

Unbelievabubble are our Bubble Shakes! Gelato Shakes with popping pearls just to add a little more fun to your day. Choosing from three different flavours of popping pearls - mango, strawberry and lychee, the combination is up to you. Mango shake with mango pearls, mango with strawberry, vanilla with lychee let your imagination take you on a flavour journey.

Mixing things up with our all new dairy-free tea smoothies in Mango or Berry flavour. Brewing our own tea using a mix of traditional black tea and a fruit tea, adding mango or raspberry sorbet, blending it over ice and you get a refreshing, thirst quenching Tea Smoothie. Perfect for long hot summer days.

Too hot for a coffee? Need an afternoon pick me up? The answer is a.. Frozoccino. Specially formulated by us with our gelato know how and using real coffee from the coffee machine is the best frozen coffee you've ever had. Add a flavour to your coffee to spice up your day, you can have Nutella, Mocha, Salted Caramel or Vanilla Frozoccino. There's nothing like a good coffee to put a spruce in your step and a smile on your face.

What are you waiting for? Come in and try one or try them all!