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Ruby Chocolate at Bannos - bannos

Ruby Chocolate at Bannos

For the first time in 80 years, a new form of chocolate has arrived.

Ruby Chocolate RB1, the magical 4th chocolate from the rare Ruby cocoa bean will be hitting our shores in September. RB1 has a natural pink colour which Callebaut, the world's leader in crafting the finest Belgian chocolate has mastered. Here at Bannos, we only use Callebaut and Panos Panayi, owner and head pastry/gelato chef described RB1 to have a fruity taste with surprising hints of traditional chocolate. He envisions that it will pair well with milk chocolate, coconut and pistachio.

We are excited to announce that Bannos will be among the first Sydney retailers receiving Ruby Chocolate RB1. We have been chosen as one of the initial sites to experiment with RB1 and can't wait to use it across all our well-loved desserts. Bannos will be part of the official Ruby Chocolate launch in Sydney on 11th September 2018. 

Follow us on Instagram @bannosgelato or visit us in store to stay updated and be one of the first to try our Ruby creations. Ruby Gelato, Ruby Brownies and Ruby Cakes will be heading your way very soon!